People not helping in crime investigations, police say


EAST Sepik police commander Peter Philip says people in the province are not helping police in their investigations of crimes.
He raised this concern following an incident last Saturday in which a man from Yangoru who was suspected of sorcery was beaten up and chopped with a knife.
Philip said the villagers, who had witnessed the incident, refused to provide details of what happened so police would have to wait for the victim, who is currently at the Boram General Hospital, to interview him when he was discharged.
He said at this stage he could not give the name of the victim because of his condition in hospital and it was difficult for police to get a report from him.
“We will wait for his recovery and then later interview him to get the full story on the incident.”
He said they would then be able to investigate and arrest suspects involved.
“Right now we have not arrested anyone yet,” he added.
Meanwhile, Philip said in another incident at Makun village in Wewak a man was found dead in his bedroom following the Independence celebrations last week. According to reports, the victim was under the influence of alcohol from Friday to Saturday.
It is alleged that the victim chased away his family last Friday and they went to the wife’s family.
On their return the next day, they found the man’s body in his bedroom.
They suspected the death to be sorcery-related. Police said the body was currently in the morgue at Boram General Hospital and they were investigating.
Philip said these were the only two incidents reported, otherwise the province was peaceful over all through the long Independence weekend.
He praised the people for peaceful celebrations.

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