People told to move to safer grounds


JIWAKA provincial administrator Michael Wandil has warned people living in disaster-prone areas to move away to safer grounds instead of being ignorant.
He said many people living along the Waghi River seemed too ignorant to move away after experiencing constant destruction by floods.
“People should be proactive to disaster by moving away from the danger zones where flood or landslides are common,” Wandil said.
“If they keep staying in the same location and complain, it is like they are creating disaster for themselves.”
He said the province would capture in its development plans for the different sectors disaster risk-management plans.
“As a matter of compliance, we would have constant awareness programmes and once we collect information about disaster, we’ll document them,” Wandil said.
He thanked the international agencies for working in partnership with the provincial disaster coordinator John Kupul and disaster risk reduction officer Thomas Mek to respond to disaster situations.
Wandil said they were aware of the programmes these international donors were doing in complementing the provincial government.
“We are keen to develop a disaster plan and have it documented into our development plans.”

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