People urged to develop ESP


THE East Sepik provincial day was celebrated last Saturday at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae organised by students attending tertiary institutions.
The East Sepik students are attending the Polytech Institute, Balob Teachers College and University of Technology.
They were supported by the East Sepik community living in Lae.
East Sepik leader Morilomo Homimirley who supported the students in hosting the event called on people from the province to develop East Sepik and Papua New Guinea.
“We must stand together to support each other to move Sepik forward and that would change our province and country as a whole,” he said.
He urged people attending the celebration to start cooperating with each other to bring development.
“We Sepiks can cooperate with people from other provinces but we encounter problems when we work among ourselves,” he said.
Children were dressed in colourful traditional attire and watched performances by singsing groups which kept the crowd entertained.

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