People want answers, not excuses Secretary


THE medical supplies shortages saga has now reached unprecedented proportions, yet the Health Secretary continues to play it down.
The National newspaper on Thursday (June 8) ran yet another front page outcry by the National Doctors’ Association about the worsening shortages of medical supplies, even expressing a very likely actual closing down of some hospitals and health centres, according to the paper.
The public don’t want to know about the complexity or technicality of the procurement process that he (Secretary) waffled on about in his reply.
They only want and demand prompt medical treatment when they seek it, not to be sent away because there is no medicine or be sent to buy medicine from private pharmacies for twice or triple the price.
In any case, if the procurement process is so complex as he claims, why hasn’t he addressed this to ensure that the orderly supplies of life saving medicines and drugs is maintained at all times regardless of the procurement complexities ?
Isn’t that what he’s being paid for besides other responsibilities?


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