People from Western receive life skills training


EIGHTY-seven people from Western have received life skills training at Kiunga recently, thanks to the Western Province Gas Development Partners (WPGDP).
Under the programme, participants were taught skills in sewing, cooking, baking, food preparation, hygiene and healthy diets from Sept 26-30.
The weeklong programme was made possible by the generous assistance of gas development partners, Repsol, Horizon Oil, Osaka Gas and Mitsubishi Corporation through their community investment programme. The group included 13 men who received their life skills training certificates at the Senamrae Primary School outside Kiunga recently.
The WPGDP’s K1.4m community investment programme (CIP) focuses on delivering health, education, agriculture, SME empowerment through business training and sports to communities in Kiunga and the North Fly area in Western.
Repsol’s PNG community affairs manager Robin Moaina praised the locals for the commitment to learn new skills that would enhance the livelihood of their families and their communities.
He was also impressed by their resourcefulness by providing much of the local food for the cooking classes and the sewing machines for the tailoring class.
“Normally, we provide all the equipment, trainers and materials but you have surprised me by being resourceful in providing the sewing machines yourselves for this training programme,” Moaina said.
The Western Province Gas Development Partners, through Repsol community development officer Jennifer Krimbu engaged the trainers and organised the rest of the materials.
Gran Somoe, one of the men in the cooking class, was a proud father, and spoke on behalf of his group.
“We fathers and especially most men think that cooking is women’s job but after learning how to bake scones and how to make banana and sago cakes, I think me and my brothers have learnt something totally new,” he said.
“Now we can cook sago in different styles by adding new ingredients to make it more nutritious for our children. I believe that feeding our children healthy foods will make them grow strong and healthy and also help them to concentrate more in school.”
Senamrae teacher Roselyn Apenai said her sewing class had learnt a lot but time was too short and they ran short of materials to complete their quota of four meri blouses per participant.
“Please, I ask the Stanley Gas Partners if you can allow us two weeks in future so we can learn more,” she said.

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