Pepes in Singapore turning heads


SIX Papua New Guinean netballers currently competing in Singapore’s Netball Super League have spiced up the competition having contributed to their clubs performances.
The NSL features six teams who play two matches each over the weekend rounds.
The six PNG reps are Kilala Owen and Shanna Dringo (Magic Marlins), Jacky Lahari and Tau Galewa (Fier Orcas), Jeperth Tulapi and Marie Ottio (SRC Barracudas).
The PNG contingent are no strangers to Singapore having represented PNG at the annual Nations Cup tournament.
Sunfish coach Huang Po Chin said the arrival of the foreign players in the second round would add an element of unpredictability to the competition.
“The players from PNG will raise the level of intensity and I’m looking forward to seeing how the other teams respond,” Chin said.
“It’ll be interesting to watch how they react in terms of game planning” Huang said

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