Peter Isoaimo a real servant for the people


THE current Member for Kairiku Hiri District, Peter Isoaimo is the true champion and the real servant for the people of his electorate and Central.
He delivered to the best of his ability in every corners of his huge district.
He can’t entertain each and every one of his people however he directed the DSIP and PSIP funds to the needed areas which his very own forgotten people have seen some changes in their areas after 40 years.
He walked the jungles, climbed mountains, travel up the fast flowing rivers, walk the savanna grassland and travel the coastline villages to eat and sleep with his very own people to get first-hand information and deliver what were actually needed in those areas.
He made it happened and delivered to the best of his ability which people have seen and witnessed his true colour of leadership. This is the kind of leader people wants to deal with in their livelihoods.
We don’t need a replacement of our leadership.
Isoaimo is the man to continue as our leader therefore we all stand behind him and elect him back to continue his good work in our Electorate.

Stone Head
2017 Box 33

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