Philippines benefiting more in PNG


Papua New Guinea will not allow any fishing companies from the Philippines to fish in PNG waters, Trade and Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru says.
Maru, who returned from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) conference in Lima, Peru, said the Government was concerned about the lack of two-way trade agreement with the Philippines.
“We discussed the current state of the trade investment relationship that PNG has with the Philippines,” he told The National yesterday.
“The issue of two-way trade was discussed at length with the minister and I expressed to him that PNG is not happy because at the moment the business and trade is only benefiting the Philippines.
“There are over 3000 Pilipino working in PNG or doing business, they have an airline that comes into the country weekly.
“We also have the Filipinos investing and harvesting all our marine resources, especially tuna is dominated by the Philippines companies.
“Most of our students are now going to the Philippines for studies, but you don’t see a lot of trading of goods between PNG and Philippines and that’s a concern to us.”
He said 70 per cent of the tuna they caught was taken back to the Philippines to be processed.
“As soon as we start the Marine Park we are now going to change the policy so no one will be allowed to take our fish out of the country,” Maru said.

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