Phone annoys judge, man ordered out of court


THE Supreme Court yesterday confiscated a mobile phone from a man when it rang during a court session.
Justice Stephen Kassman confiscated the phone and told the man to leave the room because his action did not respect the court.
Justice Kassman said the court must be respected by the audience and court users.
He said judges needed full concentration when presiding over a case.
Justice Kassman was presiding over an application for stay filed by the Opposition Leader and Kandep MP Don Polye yesterday.
He was listening to arguments from Electoral Commission lawyer Christine Lari when the phone rang.
He stopped Lari briefly and asked the court attendant to get the phone and then he told the man to leave the room.
He warned people to switch their phopne while inside the court room.
Meanwhile, Justice Kassman told Polye’s lawyer Paulus Dowa to observe professional courtesy of informing other parties before coming to court.
Justice Kassman said it was a normal professional courtesy of a lawyer to inform other parties and the court regarding his orher matters before coming to court as it was essential for proper administration of justice.
Justice Kassman made the comments when he was informed by lawyer Christine Copland, representing election petitioner Alfred Manase, that she was not aware that the matter was up for mention on Sunday.
Copland said she became aware of the Sunday session through a report in The National yesterday.
Dowa told the court that he wrote to the court registry requesting a judge to preside over the matter because of its urgency.
Dowa said he tried to inform other parties but was unsuccessful.

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