Photographer: PNG culture world treasure


AN award-winning photographer has branded Papua New Guinea culture a world treasure and urged authorities to preserve it.
“I’ve shown some of my work (on PNG) in Europe and the United States and they want to see more. It’s important that we take action to preserve it now or we might not see it in the next five years,” photographer Wylda Bayron said.
Bayron, who has spent four years photographing PNG culture, displayed some of the photos she took while working with the National Museum and Art Gallery in Port Moresby last night.
Reflecting on her native Puerto Rican culture, Bayron said she never had the chance to experience it because of the lack of preservation.
“Because my indigenous people were killed, I grew up not having to see how people lived back then. I don’t know my tribal dance. I don’t know what they ate, what they wore, where they got their traditional medicine,” she said.
Bayron who won the National Geographic photography award in 2014 thanked those who volunteered to be photographed.
“The photos are taken from all the 22 provinces of Papua New Guinea with no budget, just heart. They want you to see it and they want the world to see it and the museum should be supported to ensure that this happens,” she said.

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