Plan reflects new direction: CS


SIGNIFICANT achievements and challenges have been brought about by the corporate plan for the Department of Prime Minister (PM) and National Executive Council (NEC), according to the Chief Secretary.
In his opening remarks in the three-year plan (2015-2017), Isaac Lupari said those were guiding tools for strategic management and overall performance since last year.
“We decided to do minor revisions in the plan and change the ‘years’ to the current term of this government,” he said.
“This government efforts for 2015 and 2017 have their foundations built in 2013 and 2014 and have gained momentum with some fair and effective social and economic policies and major projects successfully implemented across the country and different sectors of the economy.
“The plan reflects the PM and NEC Act 2002 and accommodates new policy shifts through NEC decisions that also affected the structure of both organisations.
“The new 2016 structure abolished some offices or business units with the department such as the office of Vision 2050, coordination, monitoring and evaluation and the strategic liaison branch.
“Functions and roles of these business units have now been subsumed into two newly created policy divisions and their respective branches.”
Lupari said to ensure clear pathways for each business unit of the department to function in their annual work programmes, the plan articulated new directions by specifying 29 key result areas in order to achieve the department’s six corporate objectives.
“If each business unit is able to achieve 80 per cent of your planned activities over the remaining life of the plan, then we would have fulfilled our mandate in serving our major clients, the PM, GG, NEC parliament and the public service beneficiaries,” he said.
“I urge all department staff to observe our core values of honesty, teamwork, skills development, loyalty, workforce skilling and empowerment and gender equality.”

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