Plans to combat piracy


SEA piracy is a big concern for Morobe police and plans are underway to address the problem, says Northern Region Assistant Commissioner of Police Peter Guinness.
Guinness told The National yesterday there were a number of sea piracy cases reported to police recently by travellers along the Morobe-Northern coastline.
He said police had raised this concern and the Huon Gulf district through its district development authority (DDA) responded by purchasing two boats for police to use to combat sea piracy.
Guinness said another police boat, the mv Labi, was brought in from Madang, bringing the total number of police boats to three that will be operating in Morobe waters.
“Apart from the boats, four police officers will be stationed at the Morobe Patrol Post area to address law and order problems including sea piracy,” Guinness said.
“We will send in more policemen after we assess the situation.
“The sea border of Northern and Morobe is known for sea piracy where gangs hold up boats and terrorise people out on the open sea.
“Police are concerned about this and with the assistance of the Huon Gulf district we will make our presence felt in the area.”
Guinness said criminals were becoming sophisticated and police needed to be fully equipped to counter their threats.
“Crimes committed on the land are easy to contain because vehicles used by the criminals can be traced and victims are often safe because they are on the land,” he said.
“But crimes committed on the sea are difficult because you cannot see where the criminals go and also the lives of the victims are in danger because they are forced to swim in deep waters to the shore,” he said.
Guinness said a launching for the boats and the police post in the Morobe Patrol Post would take place once all formalities were completed.

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