Plans for police station to oversee highway


THERE are plans to establish a police station at Open Bay to oversee the New Britain Highway that connects East and West New Britains.
Police Commissioner Gary Baki, who was in the province last Thursday, said this would make law enforcement easy along the highway.
Baki and his team travelled the highway to WNB last Friday under heavy police escort.
“We will also look at setting up two highway patrol stations in both provinces. Decisions will be made accordingly,” he said.
The intention was to have police structures established to complement the highway when completed.
“We do not want to run behind and struggle with ‘catch up’ work. It is a strategic decision and it will require common understanding from both governments to support.”
Meanwhile, the highway is still under construction and only used by logging companies.
Acting ENB police commander Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali and Assistant Commissioner Police (Islands) Chief Supt Anton Billie have appealed to people in both provinces not to use the highway.
Their appeals followed several fatal accidents along the highway.
It is understood the highway is yet to be certified for people to use it.

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