Plastics destroying marine life: Webster


MOST of the plastic products being littered around the city end up in the coast, destroying marine life, Sustainable Coastlines PNG representative Ryley Webster says.
Webster told a group of youths at a leadership training that littering was ingrained in people in PNG but youths had the power to advocate for environmental social change.
“We find it (rubbish) everywhere around the city – drains, streams – they all log up with rubbish particularly when it rains. It goes either to the swamp or in some areas it actually goes all the way down to the coastlines,” he said.
“Some of these rubbish at Tatana probably comes from Hanuabada and comes out to the ocean, but I also think a huge amount of this comes from inland and we often don’t realise that rubbish can travel from land and end up in our coastline even though we don’t think we dropped a bit of rubbish here and it can travel easily to the coast,” he said.
Webster said Sustainable Coastlines was formed in New Zealand in 2008 to build a campaign on clean coastlines.
He said they were the first to be invited to Port Moresby in 2012 to help PNG athletes go out to communities and schools using their profile as national sporting heroes to advocate on environmental sustainability.
“As part of this Klinim Mosbi campaign, we had major clean ups going on. We are involving groups around the city so there is that mindset of payment and be paid for what you do, so we are trying to change that mindset around and help them understand why we should be looking after the communities,” Webster said.

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