Please address NCC issue now


THE letter by Dominic Hanua Mero (The National, May 29) titled “Letter also relates to issues at the NCC”, has also prompted me to add more to management issues at the National Cultural Commission which require urgent attention from the board and Department of Personnel Management secretary.
This points are worth mentioning again and I quote: “The Board and Secretary Department of Personnel Management must deal with the NCC matter as an issue of urgent concern as NCC is completely torn apart administratively into total disarray and an irreparable mess. Please address it now.”
This is the very situation NCC is in at this time and is worth addressing before this very organiaation demises to exist as a public sector organisation in this country.
NCC administration is in a very serious situation and it should not be taken lightly.
It is no joke that the NCC administration has been completely torn apart into total disarray and a complete mess the last 12 months now since a very in-experienced
Please address NCC issues now.

David King, Stage Artist

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