PLWD data collection vital

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Data collection of persons living with disabilities (PLWD) for Central is critical and is a big responsibility, Babaka United Church pastor Reverend Anthony Mayhom says.
Mayhom, who was the guest speaker at the closing of a workshop for survey-data collection for district officers said God has called people to lead not only to start but to finish successfully leaving a legacy.
“The challenge is back to you as officers to carry out further training programmes and I believe it is quite a responsibility,” he said.
“Responsibility is a quality of a leader that cannot be given away, it sharpens our ability to continue.
“Responsibility is the ability to meet obligations, the act of being accountable, a duty of trust entrusted; it is the ability to make deep commitments to it.”
Mayhom said the data collection of PWD was critical for proper planning and budgeting and appropriate services.

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