PM invites Pacific to Apec

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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has invited members of the Pacific Islands Forum to be in Port Moresby for the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit.
Chairing a forum meeting yesterday in Pohnpei, Federated State of Micronesia, he invited the Pacific island leaders to take part in forums alongside the Apec meetings.
“Papua New Guinea wishes this to be a Pacific Apec. It gives us an opportunity to enable Apec’s policy agenda to take into account the concerns of smaller Asia-Pacific countries,” he said.
“The economic effects of climate change, development challenges and sustainable marine resources will be highlighted.
“PNG will invite all island nations to participate in forums alongside Apec meetings. Our collective views will be taken to Apec leaders. We must put our local concerns to the global community.”
He will hand over the chairmanship of the forum to FSM President Peter Christian at the end of the meeting in Pohnpei.
O’Neill said all the island nations faced global challenges which they must address.
“Global commodity prices are low, there is a slowdown in larger Asian trading partners,” he said.
“Global pressures affect all island nations.
“The slowdown affects tourism  and demand for non-resources commodities.
“But we must continue to work together, think smarter and be sensible in our economic decisions, so that our growth continues.”

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