PM keen on ties with Bangladesh

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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says he wants to see a strengthening of economic and political relations with Bangladesh.
He met its High Commissioner to PNG Nazmul Quaunine yesterday and said the two nations shared a number of similar challenges to national development.
“Bangladesh is a developing country that is active in many of the same sectors as Papua New Guinea, and we have the opportunity to share experience and encourage greater investment between our two countries,” he said.
“This includes agriculture, fisheries, forestry products and also in oil and gas.
“The commonalities in our economies also means that Bangladesh faces similar economic challenges due to the low commodity prices and a slowdown in larger economies.”
O’Neill said global issues such as climate change were important to both countries.
“Bangladesh had been hit by severe disasters in recent years,” O’Neill said.
“There has been substantial loss of life and property because of extreme weather brought about by climate change.
“Bangladesh, PNG and countries in similar positions must continue to speak with one voice at the United Nations and other global forums.”

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