PM’s office denies newspaper claims on cabinet appointments


CLAIMS made in a newspaper report on Cabinet appointments are inaccurate and appear to have been created to mislead the public, according to a spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s Office.
He said:  “This story is based on pure speculation and the newspaper (Courier-Post) should be careful not to publish misinformation.
“The Government welcomes all new members who have joined, and respects the fact that they have done so out of a sense of duty.
“Being a Minister of State is one of the highest honours in the nation, and many elected members aspire to attain this level of responsibility. In the Westminster system of Government, cabinet reshuffles are a natural part of the process to ensure effective administration.
“Throughout the lifetime of this Parliament, changes to Cabinet positions will be announcement at the right time, and in co-ordination with the Office of the Governor-General.
“It is not for newspapers to release false news based on speculation.”

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