PNC intent on serving


THE People’s National Congress (PNC) party, if asked to form the next government, will do so with political parties that want to “serve the nation rather than self-serving”, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
“We will not put up with a lot nonsense that we have been experiencing in the past five years,” he said.
“We are not going to be held at political ransom by individuals of political parties. We want to work with political parties which want to work for the nation.
“We are not going to work with parties who are self- serving, interested in their pride and ego and, of course, their relevance and legacy issues in the country.”
O’Neill said he would first see “how the numbers add up” after the counting process before talking to interested parties wanting to be part of the government.
“I know that the country wants a government that is stable, a government that is working for the people,” he said.
“We have to allow our people to make that decision and we will have to work with the leaders that they sent to us.
“And if the leaders want to work with the PNC party and our leaders, we will have to work with them. But I can assure you this, it will be a different government.
“I’m certain that individual members will respect the mandate given to the party with the most number of members.
“If it’s not PNC, we will respect the mandate which is given to anyone else.
“Everybody should respect the mandate that the people of PNG give to the next party that will be invited to form the government.”

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