PNC’s policies unrealistic: MP


The only Milne Bay MP in the Opposition Henry Isi Leonard says that the Peoples National Congress-led government’s free health care and education policies are a gimmick.
The Samarai-Murua MP and National Party candidate is in the Opposition while Governor Sir John Crittin, Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Douglass Tomuriesa, Esa’ala MP Davis Steven and Alotau MP Charles Abel are all in the Government.
“The people in Samarai-Murua have removed the former MP and PNC candidate Gordon Wesley because they don’t like PNC.
“If they did like PNC then they would have returned Wesley.
“So I have to stick to the people’s choice and be with the group that is not aligned to PNC,” Leonard said.
“The people cannot be blinded by the free education and free health care policy.
“There was none for the last five years although the former MP Gordon Wesley was a strong PNC man.
“And I don’t understand why my friends (Crittin, Steven, Tomuriesa and Abel) are still with PNC when they know that there is no tangible development in their respective electorates. There is no such free education and free health care on the ground.
“There are no medicines, no doctors and health workers. Students are still using bush materials for classrooms and there are no education materials despite the free education policy.
“My fellow Milne Bay MPs are aware that the free education and health is a lie.”
Leonard said that he was still entitled to his district service improvement programme (DSIP) funds.
“Although I’m in the Opposition that does not mean that I will not get our funds.
“This fund rightfully belongs to the people.
“So they still deserve it whether I am in the Government or not,” he said.

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