PNG citizens have lost confidence in police


ALLOW me space to comment over the recent actions of police during the election in National Capital District.
Police personnel are generally doing more harm than good especially during this election period.
On the night of July 10, as citizens gathered outside the Sir John Guise Stadium to watch over the Moresby North-East ballot boxes awaiting counting, Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi advised for police to remove people away with tear gases and commanding his officers to fire warning shots.
There was no commotion, no intimidation, no harassing and no provocation of any kind at all to attract such primitive and neo-colonial act from the police.
This is a total breakdown of discipline and courtesy among our policemen.
It is common knowledge that those school leavers recruited for police training were those at the bottom of the class and cannot develop themselves with mere 6 months training to be professional law enforcers.
I am calling on the top brass and those higher in ranks in the police hierarchy to let the policemen be aware that the blue uniform has long lost its glory, respect and power.
The citizens of Papua New Guinea have lost total confidence in the police force.

Davies Gomlayal
6 Mile, NCD

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