PNG to comply with gender equality laws

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COMPLETION of five legislations under the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (Cedaw) will see PNG comply with the convention, an official says.
Secretary of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Dr Eric Kwa said the five legislations being reviewed were Employment Act, Bail Act, Arrest Act, Family Protection Act and the Public Service General Orders.
“By the time we complete these five reviews, we would have, from the legal perspective, complied with all the reforms that need to be done to comply with Cedaw,” Kwa said.
“With these amendments and with some other laws that we are doing, that will now meet the requirements of Cedaw.
“We hope that in the next report that PNG presents to the council of Cedaw at the UN, we are able to give a good report of the changes that have happened in the legal regime.
“In terms of policy, the government has taken a number of policies and we are really happy about that, particularly in terms of Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (Gesi).
“By reviewing these laws, we are also complying with Gesi, implementing that government policy throughout the public service.
“We are also doing other laws for example, the women’s health protection, the cancer bill that all addresses women’s issues.
“We’ve also just finished and it’s now before parliament and we hope that will be enacted next month.
“We have been assured by government that in the October -November session, they might pass these three pieces of legislation that came out of the Cedaw legislative working group.
They are the Amendment to the Marriage Act, Amendment to the Matrimonial Causes Act and the Amendment to the National Council of Women Act, that’s all been cleared by cabinet, it’s now ready to go to Parliament.
“The assistance by UN Women is very timely and we would like to acknowledge our international partners for their support and help in helping us to review these laws,” Kwa said.

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