PNG lack life-saving medicines, machines, says doctor


A SENIOR doctor at the Angau Memorial Hospital says the country is not functioning properly because live-saving medicines and equipment needed by hospitals are not available to them.
Dr Alex Peawi, the doctor in-charge of the accident and emergency unit at Angau, said that last week after witnessing staff donating medical items to the hospital.
“A lot of money is spent in the nation’s capital on sports,” Peawi said.
“If you see it, it is sad.
“We (hospital staff) are not supposed to be working very hard to raise money to buy these sorts of things.
“Eighty to 90 per cent of Papua New Guineans are facing problems and we will continue to face problems like these.
“Our country is actually not functioning as it supposed to be.
“A lot of money has been spent on areas where it is not supposed to be spent.”
Peawi said the Government was planning on bringing doctors from Cuba to work in rural areas when vital medicines and equipment at hospitals were not there.
“I think their (government’s) priorities are not right,” Peawi said.
He thanked the hospital staff who donated Ventriculoperitoneal shunts (equipment used to help relieve pressure from the brain) to the hospital, saying their gesture would help children suffering from hydrocephalus.

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