PNG moving forward: PM

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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says the country is moving in the right direction with many changes and development taking place.
He brushed aside criticisms of his government from people who continue to make “silly noises”.
“Public servants are getting paid, free education and health is provided, infrastructure and major developments are taking place. That means that the country is stable,” he said.
“I don’t understand why people are still making lots of silly noises here and there.”
He urged politicians to explain clearly and truthfully to the people the real situation.
“There are many leaders trying their best to destroy my leadership which is a silly thing to do,” he said.
“Do your campaign right and try promote your leadership and not destroying others’.”
He said some leaders had spent 10 years in parliament “doing nothing”.
“And now they are trying to look for means and ways to destroy others. We need to get rid of such leaders because they will destroy the nation’s growth,” O’Neill said.
O’Neill has been travelling around the country in the past weeks campaigning for candidates contesting seats in the 2017 general election under the banner of  the ruling People’s National Congress Party.

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