PNG needs ‘competitive markets’


THE labour market needs to be competitive to cater for the growing demand of employers, Newcrest PNG country manager Peter Aitsi says.
“The difficulty of where the workforce comes from impacts productivity. That is something which is unfortunately underplayed,” he said.
“In most markets, the market itself looks after the need of the individual and the individual comes ready to work. Whereas in our part of the world, it’s the other way around.
“We need to take the person through the chosen profession and eventually to the point of higher achievement.
“That is something that our Government is trying to deal with. But it is having difficulty because they are trying to deal with it from an institutional thinking where the State has a role here, but without the presence of a really competitive marketplace which would allow the market to correct that situation.
“I think each manager has to think about that when they manage their workforce.”
He was addressing a Australia-PNG Business Council Forum workshop on “Increasing production and packaging”.

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