PNG needs innovative thinkers, says educator

Youth & Careers

PAPUA New Guinea needs innovative and creative thinkers to take the nation to the next level, an educator and author says.
Incepted Technology and Life Skills Institute and Nigulma-Oipongi Publications proprietor and author Michael John Uglo said PNG needed innovative and creative thinkers who could generate billions of kina based on lawful technology and engineering.
“We have been relying on much less in our 41 years of independence. It is high time we recalibrate our economic position with the vast economic potential that we possess in having being blessed with many natural resources,” Uglo said.
“The climate is conducive to attain a status that is like those of our neighbours in Asia-Pacific region.”
Uglo urged people who are innovative and creative to help their people in projects that would raise their standard of living and improve their creativity.

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