What PNG needs is a leader who can unify such a diverse nation


As the grand chief has retired satisfied, I wonder if there is anyone of his calibre to bond and lead this beautiful nation.
Leadership that is wholeheartedly devoted to maintain united PNG.
Sir Julius Chan rightly acknowledged that Grand Chief was the only person that had the standing and creativity that diffused tensions of regionalism and divisions that initially threatened nationhood.
He glued this nation through his leadership till his retirement.
I fear there is anyone with such leadership to contain it.
The prominent chiefs and grand chiefs we have are just look-alikes.
They sway to the beat of regionalism and self-centeredness one way or another.
And they lack the true fatherly spirit and heart for this country.
I see a great uncertainty of united PNG leadership.
The culture of ‘me and my people first and others later’ has flourished in a very short space of time.
True unity in PNG is at stake.

PS Waksa

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