PNG not free from social woes, crime


PAPUA New Guinea celebrated its 41st Independence anniversary last Friday, September 16. Independence simply means freedom from dependence.
However, I just cannot celebrate for various reasons.
Firstly, I just saw before my eyes
three girls held at gunpoint. All their
laptops and other belongings were
Secondly, I have read a lot about the drop in students’ performances.
I believe it was happening since PNG achieved independence.
Thirdly, I can see that the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.
So why should I will celebrate.
This nation is seen by the outside countries as a dangerous place.
Females do not have the freedom to move around freely without intimidation from senseless males.
Serious crime such as murder, rape and armed robbery is on the rise.
PNG is a Christian country but a large part of the population hardly practice Christianity,
Young people these days do not have the respect for their parents and elders.
The standard of education in government schools is decreasing at an alarming rate despite the O’Neill Governments free education policy.
It is so easy to overlook these issues and celebrate independence but what happens after the celebration.
We are back to our normal day to day hardships and pains which would have been overcome if we changed our mindsets.
If you have a daughter or sister who is growing up, believe me, you will not rest assure as the future of the girl is at stake.
Young men do not have respect for our females anymore.
And where do we think we are heading which such cruel mentalities?
We are heading nowhere.
If we really want Papua New Guinea to change for the better, we need to change today rather than just celebrating Independence year in year out.
This is my grave concern – I will not celebrate until I know for sure that PNG is really free for our people to roam around without being harassed and harmed by mindless individuals and groups.
For now, I don’t think there is any reason for me to celebrate.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang

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