PNG Party made loss


PNG Party general secretary Kila Poka yesterday said that they made a loss after the 2012 national elections when all their MPs deserted them to join parties in the Government.
“We had spent a total of K34.8 million for our candidates to campaign throughout the country and only managed to bring in 10 MPs. But they then deserted us and we are now left with only the leader Belden Namah.
“It is sad but what can we do? The Supreme Court decision in 2010 has allowed them to move on. But we as a political party have made a big loss. It is very sad.”
Poka said this when presenting the PNG Party’s policies at the National Research Institute in Port Moresby.
“We can’t avoid the movement of our MPs to other parties after the election as we cannot see the mind of a candidate. Therefore it is a risk that we take as a party.
“Even today that risk is still with us. For the last five months we have received 500 expressions of interests from candidates throughout PNG to contest in their desired seats as PNG Party candidates.”

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