PNG pastor serves in Uganda


A PAPUA New Guinean pastor of the Christian Mission Fellowship International (CMFI) and his family are doing missionary work in Uganda, East Africa.
Pastor Israel Kolita, his wife Annie, and fiver-year-old daughter Misbil are from Malatau in Rabaul, East New Britain.
They have been in Uganda for the past three and half years doing church planting for the CMFI Church.
“We first came to Uganda in 2013, we returned to PNG in April this year and helped our local churches for five months after attending our annual conference in Fiji,” Kolita said.
The family returned to Uganda last week and will be there for the next three to four years.
Kolita said they were following the great commission, which the Lord Jesus Christ gave to his disciples in Matthew 28:16-20 to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations”.
“We (Kampala CMFI Church) managed to plant five churches in a tribe called Basesse in Lake Victoria,” he said. He said there are other Papua New Guinean and Fijian missionary families serving in East African nations.
“Basically, what we do, is we go with the two hands of the gospel, which means we not only plant churches and preach the gospel but also do the demonstration of gospel by providing food, clothing, bore holes for clean drinking water and other works,” Kolita said.
“Uganda is no longer a foreign land to me and my family. Almost everything you find in Papua New Guinea are here, starting from weather, food, and people, so it is another home away from home.
He said Uganda was a Christian nation but that did not mean that all people were reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
“Many churches in Uganda focus on the towns and cities but for us (CMFI), we focus on the least unreached people or tribes.”
He said, some people were not receptive to the gospel so they built bridges by showing them love and care as driven by the Christian Mission Fellowship International motto:
“The church that cares to share”.

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