PNG Power to continue disconnecting power supply to illegal users, says Oa


PNG Power Limited (PPL) will continue to carry out its disconnection of illegal power sources despite complaints from residents, especially in Port Moresby.
Acting chief executive Alex Oa said customers had been informed in advance that illegal connections or electricity theft was an offence.
The notice had been put out since January and was continuing on a monthly basis. The disconnection exercise began on Oct 3.
“Those doing illegal connections should have taken heed of the warning and disconnected power supply to their premises,” Oa said.
“(They should have) seen PNG Power for proper connections to be done. Because of their lack of responsiveness and failure to comply, they have to face the consequences.”
Due to theft of electricity, PNG Power Ltd was losing revenue, he said.
“PNG Power Ltd would like to make it clear that it is not disconnecting power supply to legitimate customers who have followed all legal processes to have power supplied to their homes, but to those who are stealing power supply, either by direct connections or meter by-passes,” Oa said.
“Customers who pay but have sub-standard installations have also been disconnected.
PPL is providing assistance to these customers to correct their installations and be reconnected to meet standards for safety reasons.
“We are continuing to urge our customers to do the right thing by following PPL’s legal and proper processes to having power connected to your homes.”

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