PNG Power cracks down on government bills


PNG Power will not tolerate government departments that do not pay their electricity bills, chairman Andrew Ogil says.
Ogil told The National that during board and management discussions with Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, they made it clear that the State entity need to be operated just like any other business in PNG.
“We have to pay our suppliers, wages and operations and to do that we got to have the revenue,” Ogil said.
“We told the Government that they have to pay their bills like everybody else and if they don’t, they will have those services cut.”
Ogil said there was an understanding in place by the Government for the utility bills to be centralised.
He said PNG Power had given the Government its average monthly bills and costings.
“There is an understanding that the Government has actually responded to by saying that all the utility bills will be under finance,” Ogil said.
“We have given all government departments the monthly costings.
“At the end of the year, if there are some little variances, it’s a give and take, we can sort those out.
“Those are good things that are happening and the message is very clear and the government has responded well.
“Out of those measures we’ve taken, good things have come out.
“Through our discussions, good things are coming out and we are making some headway in that direction.”

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