PNG Power meter reading a puzzle


I AM a PNG Power consumer in Madang.
Since the connection of electricity into my resident at DCA Beach, I have been slapped with hefty bills which I always pay in full. No arrears.
Due to the high power bills, I decided to stop using some electrical appliances that I have, leaving only two fluorescent lights, a TV (used only in the evening) and a refrigerator.
I applied other control mechanisms such as monitoring the PNG Power meter to take my own readings.
I further advised the Kwima Security guards who guard my premises 27/7 to keep an eye out for the meter readers too.
Over the last three months, no PNG Power personnel or contractor had been to my residence to read the meter, yet the bills kept coming.
A complaint was lodged with the supervisor to see why no reading was being taken.
To date, as I write, nothing has transpired.
However, I have been slapped with another of these bills totalling a massive K223.67 for the month ending 5/09/17.
I am wondering where these PNG Power officers are getting these figures from which they are using to calculate the bill to my residence at Section 149, Lot 03.
I am calling on the PNG Power management to investigate PNG Power’s activities in Madang as there seems to be a lot of irregular activities going on there.
Furthermore, my application to move over to an easy pay system has been prolonged for reasons only known to them, thus depriving my rights as consumer for a cheaper means of energy consumption.

Owen Warka

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