PNG proud of its first female judge


“PNG is proud to produce one of its best judges, and it happens to be a woman,” Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said of the late Justice Catherine Davani yesterday.
Speaking at her funeral service  in Port Moresby, Justice Sir Salamo said the judge was in-charge of one of the most difficult divisions of the courts, the civil division.
“We have two divisions in the national court,” Sir Salamo said.
“The crime division and the civil division, she was placed in-charge of the most difficult, complex of the two divisions and she handled that job very well.
“I am satisfied and proud having played a small part in the identification of the first woman judge in Papua New Guinea.”
Sir Salamo said the Judicial and Legal Services Commission made no mistake in appointing Justice Davani as a judge.
He said she was equal with all other male judges on the bench.
“When it came to decision-making, I did not detect any flaws in her reasoning in her judgments,” Sir Salamo said.

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