PNG takes credit for climate change work


THE contributions PNG has made in addressing the global issue of climate change are high and cannot be measured, says Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister John Pundari.
“We all know that in this age and day, we all are challenged with the impacts of climate change. For us as a nation, and given our own challenges economically, we may not be able to contribute the kind of money contributed by developed and industrialised nations who are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.
“But we can contribute in a meaningful way and in a valuable way and in ways that money is unable to measure.
“Money is unable to have a value in our contributions that is by way of our protected environment which the scientific community describe as a carbon reservoir or carbon sink to absorb the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere,” Pundari said.
“We can look at the abundance of our virgin rainforest, our coral reefs and the abundance of flora and fauna that live in it.
“That carbon reservoir and stock as they are called in the scientific world, are the contributions that PNG stands firm to contribute to the global community and that is something money cannot be able to measure,” Pundari said.

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