PNGFS is failing to pay emolument to officers


My husband is the sole bread winner for our family of five.
He earned a normal fortnight (pay) when he was with a private company. He resigned from the company because he was accepted by a government agency (PNG Fire Service) to work at its headquarters.
For six months he and 41 others officers missed out on their personal emoluments.
We began to miss out on basic needs that people must have to survive.
This is 12 fortnights and during that time three advances were given across all 41 officers of different grades – an amount of K500.
As woman and a mother, let me share my grief and hardship.
The suffering that was inflicted on my children and me, especially the financial suffering, was not our creation but was inflicted on us by those officers who are incompetent in their positions.
We were deprived of and lost many things that our family were supposed to have in terms of food, clothing, rentals, children’s education etc.
I call on the chief of Fire Service Isaac Silas to fix this because you seem not noticing the matter of your own staff.
What I want to say to you is they are your staff and you are putting them down.
The prime minister was quoted a few months ago as saying: “My public servants must never miss out on their pay” even the country is facing trade difficulty.
Mr Silas, I want to ask you where is the recruitment budget allocated for this restructure?
What happened to this money?
There  has been no clear explanation  given by the HR or the director of corporate services.
I feel for my husband and my children suffering this way, which I cannot tolerate  anymore.
I appeal to other government bodies or relevant authorities to intervene on the matter.
In the likes of DPM, PSC and  OC, this is an administrative failure jeopardising our welfare.

Bun Pawa,
Port Moresby

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