PNGNA postpones stop-work as budget panel meets


A GOVERNMENT budget management committee is expected to meet today to find a way to implementthe PNG Nurses Association Agreement (2016-18).
This followed talks with Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase yesterday.
Association acting president Steven Navik said a stop-work planned for today by nurses had been put off.
“We had a positive discussion. Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase have made a commitment to take on board this issue.
“They will release a media statement to inform members of their commitment to pursue this issue.
“Government has accepted that it has signed an agreement they are now looking for money to honour that commitment.
“The Government will inform us of the outcome of our meeting whether there is a way forward in implementing the award.” The nurses had threatened to stage a stop-work today if the government failed to implement the agreement it signed with the union.
The association said the Government had ignored the agreement it reached with the nurses in December 2015.
“Our position for a stop work still stands but since we have entered into dialogue with the chief secretary who had taken on board this task personally to see it through, we must respect the process,” Navik said. “I would like to inform all our members that the stop-work is on but it won’t happen today.”

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