PNGNRL must look at ways to reduce violence


I AM an avid fan of the Digicel Cup and strongly condemn the actions of the Eagles trainer and the two Eagles players as well.
What should have been an entertaining game of football turned into a “primitive” game of Rugby league as titled in a video being circulated via the social media.
The penalties imposed and given out to them by the PNGNRL Board is fitting and should be a warning to all other franchises, especially the players and team management in the Digicel Cup as a whole.
However, I do not agree with the penalties given to the four Gurias players and the reasoning behind it.
The PNGNRL Board imposed the penalties based on the reasoning that “they retaliated when attacked”.
Does this mean that when there is a fight in a game, a player should just accept a punch or the numerous missiles being thrown at him just standing?
Or the player should make a dash for a safe zone with a huge number of angry fans hurling insults and objects after him? This reasoning is not clear cut enough for me.
This has set a precedent and should be revised by the PNGNRL Board.
Fights are inevitable in any game of rugby league in PNG or elsewhere.
I am hoping this may slowly erode as time goes on by but until then, player safety must also be of paramount importance and they have to defend themselves too.

Concerned, via email

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