PNGRFU-sanctioned NCD Rugby Union launches 2017 season


The PNGRFU-sanctioned NCD Rugby Union officially launched its 2017 season yesterday.
The newly-formed union was created with the goal of expanding the game of rugby within the nation’s capital beyond its traditional strongholds.
Round 1 started last weekend with matches being held at the Taurama Barracks Oval on Saturdays. Six clubs will compete in the Men’s Premier competition and they are Borderline Pirates, Defence RUC, Kings Men, Southern Chiefs, Central Highlanders and Spartans.
In the Women’s competition known as the Pearl Cup five teams will be taking part; Defence RUC, Southern Chiefs, Central Highlanders, Borderline Pirates and Spartans
Clubs have also fielded teams in the lower and junior divisions. With the season running up to July.
Interim president of NCDRU Cybele Druma spoke of the new union’s goal of growing the code in the nation’s capital and the surrounding areas of Central.
“Rugby really needs to start growing, we need to be a sport that is played by the masses. Not just watched on TV, not just enjoyed at Bava Park. It is our dream to spread rugby to all the suburbs of Port Moresby.
“We are looking forward to an exciting competition, we have gone to a great extent and lengths to ensure that everything that we do in terms of the competition, does comply with World Rugby and PNGRFU standards” Druma said

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