PNGTA to work with govt


THE Papua New Guinea Teachers Association (PNGTA) says it will work with the Government to keep teachers’ salaries in check due to a tight budget, general secretary Ugwailubu Mowana says.
“We have recognised that the budget is tight, we have enjoyed some increases in our salaries over the last six years,” he said.
“Now we want to sacrifice and contribute to the country and the Government that whatever matrix the Government has decided, we will work with it, we will stand with the Government,” he said
Mowana said following a seven-day notice given to the Teaching Service Commission, it had responded favourably to sign an agreement by next Wednesday.
“Whatever budget they have put down for personal emoluments in the teaching service we are very happy and willing to tidy up the agreement and we want to sign with the commission and the government to regulate the teachers’ salaries,” he said.
“I want to inform the public and the teachers that the union is working with the commission and with DPM to ensure that there is harmony in the dialogue, agreement, and that we are expecting to protect and regulate the levels of salary and the emolument in the teaching service.”
“The PNGTA will stand by the Government and by the country, to ensure that the economy picks up.
“We recognise that the government had taken some steps to ensure that the budget cuts and budget measures are tight and we know that and as part of our contribution, we will stand with the Government in terms of matters affecting salaries and emoluments for our teachers for at least a year or two.

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