Police advise people to stay home

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THE area around Parliament House will be cordoned off when parliament sits today and police are advising people to listen or view the proceedings at home.
Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi, pictured, said people should stay at home and avoid coming to the Parliament House.
“The public gallery is fully booked by VIPS (very important persons) and members of the international community so there is no space for the public,” Turi said.
“I am asking the people to not come and loiter in the areas near Parliament. We have the fly-over bridge, Somare Foundation, Fincorp and the Museum tagged as a no-go zone for the public.
“Only vehicles with passes will be allowed to use the roads around the area.”
Turi said those wanting to travel to the airport via the fly-over bridge should take an alternative route.
“This applies to police vehicles and personal ones too,” Turi said.
“Only police vehicles and officers with passes will be allowed in the vicinity of Parliament.”
Police Commissioner Gari Baki said security arrangements were all set.
“Most of the police officers deployed to other provinces (for elections duties) have returned.
“Three mobile units from the Highlands region will be flown in to support security and ensure a safe parliament sitting.”

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