Police to arrest, charge owners of unregistered PMVs, taxis


Police in the National Capital District started arresting and charging drivers and owners of unregistered public motor vehicles (PMVs) operating illegally in the city.
NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi said a lot of unregistered PMVs were operating illegally and police would ensure to remove them from the roads.
He said many of the taxi and bus drivers were stealing from the people and police would conduct road blocks to check on them.
“All taxi drivers and PMV bus owners will be arrested and their vehicles will be detained because under the Traffic Act they have to be registered to operate,” he said.
“What they are doing now is that they are stealing from the public. By law they have to have registrations, both vehicle and PMV licence to get money from people.
“At the moment all the taxis and even the buses were putting on the numbers or the taxi sign bought in the Asian shops on their vehicles and even paint the number plates yellow and drive around.”
Turi said those were simple traffic offences but police did not have sufficient manpower to crack down on offenders.
He said he already given the task to police station commanders to get their officers to work by arresting five people each day and they would be starting with unlicensed PMVs.

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