Police attend workshop


POLICE officers are attending a week-long workshop in Lae to discuss how to deal with child offenders and witnesses.
The Pikinini Witness workshop aims to enhance the skills of police investigators in dealing with children caught in law and order issues or are witness to a law and order situation.
Superintendent Brad Morgan of the Australian Federal Police said the workshop idea arose following a meeting with the Law and Justice Programme.
“We have noticed that there is a huge gap in the assistance being provided to offences committed against children and the issues that the police and the courts face trying to gather evidence in cases where children are abused,” Morgan said.
“It takes a special connection with the child to be able to illicit the proper information to gather statement to go to court.
“So we’ve got five experts from the Queensland police in Lae.
“Over the next five days, they’ll be taking a group of police officers through an intense course on how to engage with children.
“It’s not an easy task. It will take some time and effort and more practice.
“These officers will walk away from here better able to engage with these children.”
Lae District Court senior magistrate Jeremiah Singomat and representatives of the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee attended.

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