Police await brief on alleged rape


MADANG police station commander Senior Inspector Jacob Bando says he is yet to be briefed on the alleged rape of a woman in town two weeks ago.
Bando said he would follow up with the officer investigation the alleged incident.
A reliable police source confirmed that a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by six men inside a tavern in town.
The source claimed that the woman was drinking by herself at one table when she was assaulted by the six while others allegedly took photos of her.
She later reported the matter to police. The source said police knew who the suspects were but it was taking too long to arrest them.
Meanwhile, Bando said the Madang Urban local level government had asked police to stop street vendors from continuing their trading.
He was responding to complaints of police brutality by the vendors.
Bando said policemen were just following orders to implement the urban local level government regulations.
“There were few officers who seems to be mishaving when treating people or vendors and some were given disciplinary actions but otherwise we are helping the urban LLG to implement and enpforce its regulations in the town,” he said.
“Its their work (urban LLG) that we are doing through blessing to enpforce rules.”
But he said they had been continuously advised against brutality since it was a concern with Madang police.
Some police officers had faced disciplinary action for their action against civilians.

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