Police ban political rallies in town


POLITICAL rallies conducted by candidates and their supporters have been banned by police in Wabag town.
Enga police commander George Kakas issued a strong warning to candidates and their supporters to conduct their political rallies in their respective villages and not in town.
“In Wabag town, police will make sure there are no campaigns or political rallies conducted,” Kakas said.
He said candidates who wanted to conduct rallies in Wabag should write to him seven days ahead seeking permission.
Kakas said candidates should carry out campaigns in an orderly fashion.
“Campaigns must not be brought into town to disturb the public, businesses, government officers and the normal flow of traffic,” he said.
He also warned public servants not to use government vehicles for campaigns.
“If a government vehicle is seen by police involved in a campaign, police will definitely ground the vehicle and arrest the driver,” Kakas said.

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