Police call on govt to address welfare issues


THE Papua New Guinea Police Association is calling on the Government to seriously address welfare issues of police officers.
Association general secretary Clemence Kanau raised the concern following the health inspection carried out by the NCDC health inspection team last week at the Gordon police barracks in Port Moresby.
“You always speak about looking after police officers, come and see Gordon Barracks, a classic failure of addressing welfare issues,” Kanau said.
“We appreciate money, pay rise and other things, but look also down to the accommodation of our serving personnel.”
He urged the Government too to address the issue of police accommodation all around the county.
“Similar issues are being faced by all police barracks in the country thus, the work of an officer is not easy unless they are given proper roofs over them and their families that they will respond to their call of duty well,” he said.
Kanau said the police modernisation programme was a Government-funded project that was not achieving results.
“Today we have not seen any tangible outcomes in terms of addressing the accommodation and welfare of some of our long serving officers,” he said. Kanau said the programme was not only to look at other projects like offices and logistics but accommodation.
“The issue of Gordon is one that the association will make sure is addressed once and for all and work out solutions not only for now but for the years to come,” he said.
He said the association would be on stand-by to assist.
“We will await any assistance and if you want we will call a meeting to find solutions to get the Government to come and see for themselves what we are talking about,” Kanau said.

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