Police call on public support


EAST New Britain acting police commander Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali has appealed to the people of Rabaul town who had witnessed a brutal murder along the Mango Avenue Road last month to assist police.
He said investigations into the murder of businessman Jeffery Pasi, from East Sepik, had resulted in the arrest of four suspects.
Tabali said there was a 17-year-old among the suspects.
He said the police believed there were more suspects involved in the murder.
“I call upon the people of Rabaul who were at the scene at the time of the incident to come forward and assist police with more information so police can make the arrests. Do not be scared to do what is right,” Tabali said.
It is understood that Pasi owned Mangidu Isi Loans in Rabaul.
Tabali said the Kokopo criminal investigation team had assisted Rabaul police with investigations which had led to the arrest of the four suspects.
He said the 17-year-old was charged with wilful murder and arson.

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