Police call on victims to speak up


By Moya Iowa
The family and sexual violence unit of the Royal PNG Constabulary continues to face challenges in addressing gender-based violence (GBV) in homes because families are keeping quiet over the matter, a police officer says.
Director of community policing, Supt John Kolopen, speaking at the first national men’s forum in Port Moresby yesterday, said the “silence” syndrome was a major obstacle in the work of police in dealing with GBV offenders and victims because families and communities did not report offenders and also victims were keeping quiet due to fear and shame.
Kolopen said police were there to help victims of violence and to catch perpetrators but could only do this if they were given the necessary information but this information was  not made available.
Kolopen said this left perpetrators free to cause more violence in the community or families with victims suffering in silence.

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