Police in Central investigate attack on MP, journalists


POLICE are investigating an attack on two journalists and Goilala MP William Samb last Thursday on the Hiritano Highway.
Central acting police commander Andrew Tovere said the incident happened when Clifford Faiparik from The National, National Broadcasting Corporation’s Jason Wuri and an official from the Goilala district administration with MP Samb, were attacked when they were travelling back to Port Moresby.
“The names of some of the suspects involved are released already to the crimes investigations division and police are now investigating,” he said.
According to police, the incident happened at Vanapa along the Hiritano Highway in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate.
The group was attacked at Kedea in Vanapa area between 3.30 and 4pm.
They were returning from Tapini on Samb’s electoral tour when some youths from Keram village in Goilala district that live at Kedea chopped the vehicle with a bush knife.
When Samb and his party stopped the vehicle, they were attacked with axes, bush knives, sticks and stones.
During the attack, Wuri had one of his fingers chopped and Faiparik was slashed on his right abdomen and elbow and Girau was also wounded. Tovere said the suspects were alleged to be from Port Moresby who went up there looking for homebrew and were drunk at the time.
“After when they did the attack, they took off back to the city,” he said.
Tovere said some of the offenders were known.

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